App Lock Fingerprint Simulator

App Lock Fingerprint Simulator

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Образ жизни | 7.5MB | Обновлено: 2020-01-21 | Версия: 4.0 | Требования: Android4.3 или более поздняя

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There's no denying the fact that 20,000+ users downloaded App Lock Fingerprint Simulator latest version on 9Apps for free every week! You get various free apps from the store. This hot app was released on 2019-07-12. Read the following paragraph to see more information.
◎ Not sure whether your files are protected well enough? Want something to up the up the security of your smartphone? Well, we have got just the app for you! The ? App Lock Fingerprint Simulator ? is a brand new “fingerprint simulator” that will add to your cellphone's or tablet's security system, and make you files extra safe. Not only does this fantastic “lock screen app” provide maximum security for your device, but it also does it in style! It is the most advanced “fingerprint lock screen” you will find on the market! You can now get your locked screen to look just like those super high-tech setups you see in science fiction films in the most well-secured facilities! Tap on that Download button, and acquire the latest “fingerprint lock app” now! The longer you wait, the more likely it is for someone to access your files without your permission!
How to set up the ? App Lock Fingerprint Simulator ?:
1. Check the box which says 'Enable lock screen';
2. Enter your preferred password, then do it again to confirm it;
3. Customize your screen the way you want it!
? Select your favorite “lock screen wallpaper” and put it on your locked screen.
? Pick from the the fairly large collection of cool backgrounds;
? Choose between a 12 and 24 hour system.
? Turn the date display on or off.
? Show or hide the battery icon.
? Make your device pretty and protected at the same time!
◎ As attractive as a hip fidget spinner on a lock screen can look, we have to bear in mind that safety is most important feature after all! This ? App Lock Fingerprint Simulator ? app is first and foremost an ultra-modern “finger locker” that will prevent intruders from gaining unwanted access to your songs, pictures or messages. Along with being full of “cool lock screens”, it will make sure your data is safe from potential interlopers. Hackers everywhere are spreading fast, waiting for a moment to get their hands on your data... Well, their luck ends here! Download this safety lock screen now, set your “screen lock password” and you can rest assured everything is under control.
◎ Since this application is essentially a “fingerprint lock screen prank” you can use it to mess around with your friends as well! For instance, you could tell them that you just installed a brand new app that allows you to unlock your screen via fingerprint by simply placing your finger on the display. When they ask you to demonstrate, you can do so, pretending that you are actually using your personal fingermark to gain access to your menu! You can easily convince them that you are actually the only person whose fingerprint is recognized by this cutting-edge application, when in reality, it is just a simulator! They might get a bit annoyed after finding out that that is not the case, but eventually the will have to admit that it is a good practical joke after all!
◎ The ? App Lock Fingerprint Simulator ? is absolutely perfect for protecting your files – it provides a modern design, a higher security, and makes for a good trick! That is what makes this “app lock simulator” stand out in a sea of identical lock screen apps! On top of all that, its totally free of charge! So, you have no excuse – download now and you won't be disappointed!

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